Become a due-paying member of the UVTU. Your membership goes towards helping pay for services.


    Why collect dues?

    As a tenant-driven movement, UVTU relies on its own members to fund ongoing expenses. These include meeting supplies, educational materials, funds for community events, and supporting actions. We regularly spend money on banner-making supplies, meeting amenities, and printing costs, etc.


    Who can become a member?

    All tenants are welcome to become UVTU members. We define “tenant” as anyone who does not own their home and does not have power over any other person’s housing situation. We see no distinction between the housed and the unhoused. Homeowners of any sort and land trust members can be non-voting members. Landlords, police, and their agents are not eligible to become UVTU members.


    Pay what you can...

    What would you like to pay for dues? Please choose an amound that feels good to you and is within your means. If you are housless or unemployed, please Contact Us.


    We will reach out!

    For the safety of our members, we will reach out to have a short meeting. This allows us to meet each other, and give us time to check for conflicts of interest (e.g. the applicant is a landlord).
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