• Safe and stable homes for all in the Upper Valley region of VT & NH



    We are a tenant-led movement fighting for the basic human right to housing. We are here to use our collective to power to fight back against exploitative landlords and demand that our governments and institutions ensure safe and affordable homes for all.

    Tenant Power


    Landlords have too much power over the lives of tenants. Tenants should have a say in the condition, safety, and price of their homes. 


    Our primary organizing goal is to build collective strength to take this power away from landlords and put it in the hands of tenants.

     Permanent Homes


    Housing is a fundamental human right. We envision an end to the exploitation of tenants of all races, creeds, genders, and income levels. 


    Additionally, factors like credit scores and eviction histories should not prevent people from having a safe and stable home.

    Affordable Rents


    Rents are too high for the average person in the Upper Valley. Everyone in the region knows it, and the data backs it up


    We need to organize to keep our neighbors housed and to demand that local governments take action on affordable housing.


    Need help organizing your neighbors to fight for better living conditions?

    Trying to advocate for more affordable housing in your community?

    Want to get involved behind the scenes?

    Just need to vent about your landlord?

    Reach out!


    Does tenant organizing actually work?

    Hell yes! There are examples all over the United States of tenants using their collective power to secure fair rents and better living conditions.

    Isn't this a problem for the free market to solve?

    Hell no! New apartments are going up in the Upper Valley, but they're unaffordable. Upper Valley employers are hiring new workers and can't find them suitable housing they can afford. The truth is that real estate markets have never guaranteed safe and affordable housing for all - just for the wealthy. Members of the working class have always needed to fight for the right to dignified housing against exploitative landlords and corporate interests that place profits over people.


    It's not a free market for tenants. Our government helps shift the balance of power towards landlords at the expense of tenants. Landlords can write off their property maintenance expenses on their taxes, and can call the police to forcibly evict a tenant. But tenants can't call the police to report poor housing conditions, and can't write off the expenses they incur when landlords neglect needed repairs and necessities. 


    We have to use our collective power to fight back.


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